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Case Name: Pamela Guinn v. Inland Commercial Property Management, Inc.                      

Venue: Cook County – Bridgeview

Plaintiff’s Attorney: George Sachs

Defendant’s Attorney: John O’Connor

SUMMARY: Plaintiff alleged that she sustained severe personal injuries after she stepped up on to an elevated sidewalk. The sidewalk in question was in the process of being repaired, and a guard rail had not yet been installed at the time of the Plaintiff’s injuries. Plaintiff alleged that the defendants should have installed a temporary fencing to prevent her from attempting to climb the elevated sidewalk.

The Plaintiff did not file her complaint until more than two years after the date of her injury. At issue was whether the two year statute of limitations (735 ILCS 5/13-202) or the four year statute of limitations (735 ILCS 5/13-214(a)) for construction of an “improvement to real property” applied.

Knell & O’Connor successfully argued that the two year statute of limitations applied because the work performed was not an “improvement to real property” as defined by the four year statute of limitations. Accordingly, the Plaintiff’s case was dismissed, with prejudice, and her appeal was also subsequently dismissed.

LAST DEMAND: $40,000.00, collectively from all three defendants.

LAST OFFER: $4,500.00, collectively from all three defendants.


VERDICT:    Dismissed with prejudice by Circuit Court, dismissed with prejudiced by Appellate Court.