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Knell O’Connor Danielewicz LIABILITY Trial Result


Case Name:  Harry Childress v. Paulson-Hemley Partnership

Venue:  Kane County

Plaintiff’s Attorney:  Scott A. Morgan

Defendant’s Attorney:  John J. O’Connor

SUMMARY:  Plaintiff, a bus driver, slipped and fell on ice on the sidewalk outside a building owned by defendant on Downer Place in downtown Aurora.  Plaintiff suffered a subdural hematoma which required the drilling of two burr holes in his skull to relive pressure, a permanent decrease in his IQ and loss of memory and cognitive functioning ($24,000 in medical and $4,000 in lost wages).  Plaintiff argued the ice formed from water dripping off an outdated cornice on the building.  Plaintiff’s architect testified the cornice should have been removed or had a drainage system installed.  Defense argued the ice was a natural accumulation from a recent snowfall and the sidewalk had an improper slope which caused the ice to form.  Defense also contended the cornice was an ornamental structure still popular with architects and did not require a drainage system.  Defense counsel reported that the jury viewed a videotape of a local cable television show in which plaintiff starred as “Harry the Hat” both before and after the injury to determine if his memory had been impacted.

LAST DEMAND:  $85,000

LAST OFFER:  $20,000

ASKED OF JURY:  $350,000

VERDICT:  Not guilty