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Workers’ Compensation

Knell & O’Connor handles all aspects of workers’ compensation claims, and is prepared to represent clients before the Illinois Industrial Commission, Circuit Courts of Illinois, Illinois Appellate Courts, and the Supreme Court of Illinois.  Knell & O’Connor develops proactive and cost-effective legal strategies by working closely with not only our client, but also with insurers, third party administrators, medical case managers, investigators, and rehabilitation specialists.

Knell & O’Connor attorneys have decades of experience in the field, and initially evaluate every case with a focus on our clients’ operational needs and requirements in order to advance their objectives.  As a claim moves forward, Knell & O’Connor provides updated evaluations and recommendations, and is available for regular file reviews with our client.  Knell & O’Connor attorneys are also available to provide on-site inspections at a client’s convenience to prevent future workers’ compensation claims.

Civil Liability Defense

Knell & O’Connor attorneys provide legal counsel in a range of civil litigation matters, including auto liability, premises liability, construction liability, product liability, professional liability, arson and insurance fraud, as well as uninsured and underinsured liability claims.

At Knell & O’Connor, we understand the value of working closely with our clients to develop defense strategies with an emphasis on obtaining favorable, cost-effective results, whether through motions, settlement, or trial.  Our goal at Knell & O’Connor is to focus on the key issues of a claim, and  minimize defense costs and needless protracted litigation by working together as a team with our client.

Third Party Employer Defense

The attorneys at Knell & O’Connor have extensive experience in defending civil litigation cases resulting from an employee’s workplace injury.  In employer liability cases, Knell & O’Connor will monitor and defend a case, and ultimately pursue recovery of any money owed to our client as a result of the civil litigation, with or without the plaintiff’s assistance.

Because Knell & O’Connor attorneys possess the unique blend of both workers’ compensation and civil liability experience, Knell & O’Connor is especially successful at reducing employer liability exposure while at the same time, recouping workers’ compensation liens.

Labor and Employment Law

Knell & O’Connor represents clients in any range of disputes between workers, unions, and management, The attorneys at Knell & O’Connor are experienced in each of these areas of the employer – employee relationship, allowing the firm to utilize this evolving field of law to the advantage of our clients.

The principals of the firm, Brad Knell and John O’Connor, also have experience with issues involving the Family Medical Leave Act, wrongful discharge and retaliatory termination, as well as disputes in complex matters of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Knell & O’Connor attorneys have given presentations across the country regarding labor and employment law disputes, and are available to work with our clients to address both current problems and future workplace issues.